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About Us

We were founded on the principals of only selling products that we and our dogs at the Dog Adventure Company have tried and tested rigorously. By doing this we ensure our customers are getting the best product, for the best price and with the best possible service.

Whether you are shopping online or visiting one of our stores in person with your dog (yes all dogs are welcome) we know that you will be happy with the quality of the products and the level of service that is given.

We actively go out and test products in real environments (no lab testing here!) putting them through their paces. Do the straps tighten enough? Does the toy stay afloat? Is the coat waterproof or water resistant?

If you ever want to know more about any product we sell and some we dont then we encourage our customers to get in touch via social media clicking the image below and ask any questions they may have and we will endeavour to answer in full.